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Living Stone Methodist Church is built upon the Bible, God’s unfailing Word. We remind our people to love God, to have an intimate relationship with Him personally and to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a family-oriented community. We also focus on students’ ministry and Sunday School for young children. 

If you are not a Christian or if you are looking to know more about God and Jesus Christ or simply to belong to a church, do contact us. Looking forward to seeing you in church!

 God Bless!

        –  Rev. Lucy Lee (Pastor)


Growing in Christ, Our Living Stone.
Glorifying Christ, Making Him Known! 


Be a multiplying disciple

What We Believe

Explore what we believe about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and more.

Our Story

The founder of Methodist Movement, John Wesley’s idea of bringing the message of God to where people are and to share the good news with them gives rise to “church planting” in our present-day context. Living Stone Methodist Church (LSMC) is one such example.
LSMC Family Church Camp 2017

Meet Our Team

Meet the pastoral, ministerial and administrative staff behind Living Stone Methodist Church.