Khor Teik Hooi


Born into a traditional family with Buddhist/Taoist background in Xiamen, Fujian, China, at the age of 11 migrated to then Malaya with my mother and an elder brother to join my father in Alor Setar. 3 years later after much struggle, we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Since then under His loving kindness and tender care I received a Government scholarship to be trained as a secondary school teacher in UK at the age of 19.  Upon return served for 34 years as a teacher, senior assistant, headmaster and later as the Kedah State Education Officer in charge of Chinese Primary schools.

God has blessed me with a spiritual partner with three boys and a girl. All of us have learned to walk close with the Lord. There are ups and downs in life. It may take volumes to relate them. Psalm 23 is my favourite psalm since my youth for it aptly reflects my life up to this very day. As Joshua in the OT has said " As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Glory be to God.