7 Reasons Why you Need a Small group

There are some reasons that compelles us to see the need for joining a small group fellowship apart from our ususal Sunday Morning Services.

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A small group gives you the opportunity to get to know people at a more intimate level. Sunday mornings are an awesome time to worship with the whole family of God, hear a sermon, engage in corporate vision, but a small group gives you a chance to build deeper friendships.

Sunday’s sermon is a great time to get a broad teaching of the word of God. However, small groups provide time for one on one discussion. One of the best ways for you to grow in Christ is through conversations about the Bible and life.

One of the greatest joys of being in a small group is the chance to bear others burdens, serve their needs, and step out beyond your own issues.

A small group is a natural place to invite friends and family. Sometimes people are more comfortable going to small group than attending a Sunday morning service.

A gathering of a few people is natural environment for pray. A big part of prayer is conversation with God and small groups provide the perfect environment for communing with God.

Gathering in a small group allows you to experience worship at a very intimate level. Some groups like to sing and some do not! BUt worship can be as simple as a few believers gathered together in the name of Christ. God’s presence is magnified when we come together!

Acts 2:42-47 gives us a blueprint of what the early church was passionately committed to. The early Christ followers gathered in homes, shared meals, read the Word, Prayed, and worshiped. When you participate in a small group you are following the New Testament pattern.

food for thought

Have you ever wondered what kind of person you would be if you lived up to your potential? Have you ever wondered what God had in mind when he made you in the first place?